Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween Ideas: Spooky Bats and Cobwebs Four Ways

I love the effect of flying bats and big, spooky cobwebs for Halloween. Not to mention, they're fun and easy to create, and can be used in used in so many ways!

Totally Batty:
Cobwebs Four Ways:

I made the bats from Martha Stewart last year for Halloween, which I've kept for this year. I chose to simply cut the bats from black felt using the template and then hang them from the ceiling with fishing line from different heights. I attached some with fishing line directly from the center so the wings would hang down, and others I attached fishing lines to the center and either side of the wings to create variety and give the effect of bats in flight. Besides the cutting, which takes a bit of time, they were really easy, really inexpensive, and made a big statement! I can't wait to use them again!


S+J=3 said...
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S+J=3 said...

I can see so many little boy batman-enthusiasts in heaven with those cool bat-themed ideas. The effect of the bats flying across the door is great!

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