Monday, May 17, 2010

Hawaiian Getaway Party

I was recently contacted about helping to create a Hawaiian Getaway Party for a milestone birthday with the challenge to re-create the real Hawaii. I liked this challenge, because it would be easy to raid the local party supply store's Luau section and call it good, but how authentic or memorable would that be? Since this is a popular time of year for luaus and outdoor parties, I thought it would be fun to post the inspiration board I created for this Hawaiian party including lots of ideas and tips below!

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Resources: tiki head invitation, Hawaiian table decor, - great ideas found here, tiki torches, lava lamp, tiki statues, luau spread, Hawaiian shirt cake,tropical centerpiece, real flower lei

The big difference between a party-store luau and a fabulous Hawaiian Getaway Party is authenticity. To re-create the real Hawaii, you want to use as many natural elements as possible: river rocks, shells, wood, flowers, and fire - tiki torches throughout the party to light up the night! I also had the idea to use black craft sand like this one mixed with shells either loosely like the real black sand of Hawaii, or together in a vase with tropical flowers or a votive. When combined with a lava lamp as a focal point, black sand would really create interest!
sand and shell centerpiece

Since this party is a birthday for a man, I also liked the idea of using the more masculine tiki head motfi throughout the party to balance the flowers and lighter elements. Starting with the tiki head invitation, to anything from real wooden tikis as table decor to tiki head pillar candles this like one......found here.

hula dancers

If live entertainment isn't an option, look online for some authentic Hawaiian hula dances which you could display either with a projector for life-size entertainment or on a screen somewhere in the party!

Of course flowers! Bring Hawaii to you, even if you must use silk flowers, with Birds of Paradise, Hibiscus, Orchids, or Bamboo on the tables, around your tiki torches, etc. And if you really want a memorable party, check out this site where you can order fresh leis right from Hawaii!

Once you have your authentic elements in place, go ahead and use a few of the party story supplies, (you know you want to! Old habits die hard.) Grass table skirts, paper lanterns, or drink umbrellas would add some fun to the party without detracting from the style.

Now how about the menu? Your options are vast and include everything from spring rolls and pot stickers, fish, pork, Hawaiian rice or sweet rolls, to tropical fruits such as mango, papaya, bananas, pineapple, etc. Try this site for some easy and delicious recipes!

hele mei hoohiwahiwa!

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Joey said...

My girlfriend's sister had her reggae themed sweet sixteen birthday party. There were a lot of stressful thing that we prepared for this big day. From the caterers down to the giveaways. We had a tropical-based type of foods and drinks, as well as with the games we had. And for the giveaways, we decided to give them Cubavera shirts with matching beach hats. Everyone who attended enjoyed the party.

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