Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bright, Colorful Birthday

This is a particularly fun time of year for me as my birthday falls in May. No matter how old I get, I can't help associating a birthday (especially mine!) as a bright, colorful time. Today's inspiration board features lots of fun, colorful details.

Maybe you wouldn't want balloons, streamers, pennant flags, AND tissue paper poms, but any one of these, especially in rainbow colors would make a big statement, even for a small party. I'm making multi-colored tissue paper poms for my own celebration and I'll have to upload photos as they're already looking great! Very easy, very inexpensive, and fun to make! I'm a fan of the tutorial on Martha Stewart.

And how about that rainbow cake? Another easy way to create a colorful cake is simply to use food coloring in each layer and stack them in rainbow order. You could do all six colors or just choose a few. Easy!

When combined with green shamrocks and gold details, this party could also be adapted for a fun, child's St. Patrick's Day celebration!

Using color is always a great option for bringing lots of interest and style without breaking the bank!

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