Monday, April 26, 2010

Avatar Party

With all the hype behind James Cameron's new film Avatar, I couldn't help being reminded of my days as an early event planner with themes designed around popular films. No doubt this year will see many parties for kids (or kids at heart) based on this film. An Avatar party would certainly be an interesting undertaking, but never fear! I've come up with some great ideas for how to throw a fabulous party inspired by this breathtaking film workable for any budget or any guest list!

A dazzling
Avatar screening for grown-ups:
If you're truly looking to recreate the world of Pandora, a great place to start is with a jungle theme!
- Draped, green fabric, particularly in a palm or floral pattern
- Artificial ferns, palm trees, or vines
- I love this Safari-themed party which uses a patterned shadow light to create the effect of the forest canopy

But it would never be the world of Pandora without magical lighting effects! You could accomplish this a few ways:
- A home planetarium or star theater (such as this economical one found here) would
illuminate the ceiling with stars and constellations.
- LED lights or luminous fiber optic centerpieces add the all-important blue glow to transport you to the world of Pandora.

I also really love the idea of using peacock feathers to add sophistication to centerpieces or decor (and which mimic creatures that appear in the film).
Check out this fabulous blue peacock cake!

Avatar Birthday Party:
You don't have to spend a fortune to create a fun party that kids and adults alike can enjoy!
- Of course artificial, tropical plants are great, but another easy way to create the jungle theme would be to use green feather boas. You could hang them like vines or suspended from the ceiling.
- Simple, blue icicle lights can make a big statement, particularly under low light.
- Face painting is a fun way for guests to become immersed in the theme and become their own Avatar! You could use this cat design or simply solid blue paint and glow in the dark sticker dots. How cool would that be?

- Avatar-specific party supplies and favors are becoming available and can be found here.
Possible game or activity ideas:
Avatar Pin the Tail on the Donkey - boys would love shooting a toy bow and arrow at a poster or picture of a fighter plane from the film or doing battle with a helicopter pinata!
- Tame the Toruk - For a little extra, this pterodactyl "Toruk" kite would be a blast for young guests to take turns "taming" (flying), or they could make and fly their own from origami paper! Tutorials can be found online.
- Young girls would LOVE creating their own necklaces from feathers, beads, or other natural
elements.- Food served could include tropical fruit appetizers or kabobs, or a dessert buffet in all blue! Blue M&M's are an easy crowd-pleaser to include!

This theme inspires me so much I might have to design parties after all my favorite films!

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