Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hello? Hello? Is anyone out there?

My deepest apologies to all of you out there, and especially to those who have attempted to contact me lately! I hope my absence hasn't ruined too many lives. ;)

For the last few months (ahem, year), I chose to take an unexpected and indefinite break from blogging as I spent time focusing on my day job and other opportunities, and most importantly on my baby girl! She joined our family on Halloween (yes, my favoritist of holidays!) and has been a spunky little blessing in our lives ever since. She sure is a handful, though, and it seems like every time I've wanted to hop on to create an inspiration board or feature another lovely find, something else gets in the way. "What? Motherhood is actually hard?" as I'm sure you're all laughing by now.

I've found that I could never stay away forever from what I love: all things parties! I have been on the Pinterest bandwagon for the last while and I can't contain my desire to share inspiration and get the creative juices flowing again!

I should make it clear, however, that I have not as of yet posted my own parties on this blog. I have hopes for that in the future (I have my little girl's first birthday that I'm already planning, after all!), but most of what you see are tidbits of featured or re-posted party ideas from other sources or inspiration boards that I've created from gathered images. The inspiration boards are my own, but I may redirect you to the original party-planner if I receive questions regarding party supplies.

I can't guarantee that I will be able to feature as many parties as I would like (so sorry!) or that I will even have a regular schedule of posts, but PLEASE keep checking back! I have some great ideas in the works, not to mention a whole new fire to get my sorry blogging self back in the saddle.

With all that being said, Peach Pizzazz is back in action and reporting for duty, sir! Hopefully better than ever!

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