Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tale as Old as Time Inspiration

I'm back! Can't believe what I reprieve I've taken. Feeling that it needed a bit more focus, I've been contemplating the direction of this blog for some time and what kinds of inspiration I want to focus on - I love all kinds of party and design! That being said, I've decided to hone in on inspiration boards for the most part, while still featuring the occasional party or wedding just for kicks. I hope you like the new direction.

For your enjoyment, I bring you part 2 (a month later, sorry!) of the new series. This one is called "Tale as Old as Time". You get one guess on this one. ;) While staying true to the many elements in the film, I also wanted to make it real by creating a unified palette of deep red and gold, while incorporating classic French elements like the fleur-de-lis and French architecture. This would really be a magical wedding!

Tale as Old as Time

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