Monday, June 21, 2010

Camp-out Party

Today's party inspiration is a round-up of all things camping! I love camping, and it's such a fun theme for a child's birthday! Outdoor sleepovers are always fun in the summer, but so is a party where you bring the outdoors in, and you can create a great camp-out with just a little creativity!

I love this Indoor Camp-out Inspiration Board created by Kim on The Celebration Shoppe - check out her original post for lots of great, indoor camp-out ideas! The tents featured here are weatherproof for outdoor camping, but if your event is indoors, how fun for overnight guests to actually create their own "forts" to sleep in!
  • If your event is outside, there's not much you need to do create the effect of the outdoors - you're in it! If yours is an indoor event, however, real wood and greenery are definitely ideal, but artificial ferns, moss, rocks, and other craft store finds work just fine.
  • Another, unique way to create the outdoor effect is with green feather boas. I'm a big believer in them for recreating vines, forest canopies, anything, really!
  • When a real fire isn't an option, don't you love the realistic look of that glowing artificial fire? Follow these helpful instructions to make your own!

And, of course, it would never be a camp-out without s'mores! You don't even need a fire for some of these ideas!

S'mores 3 Ways:
1. Traditional Snack - with a lovely presentation as a favor or dessert table take-away. S'more supplies can sometimes get a little scattered and messy too, so why not create a personal s'more station? Thanks to Simply Creative Insanity for this great idea.

2. As a cupcake! Yes, this fabulous treat features all three elements: marshmallow, graham crackers, and LOTS of chocolate! Check out Bakerella for instructions and more scrumptious images.
3. If you're a brownie person check out this recipe for 3-layer S'more Brownies from the Food Network! Takes s'mores to a whole new level !

Wondering what all of these ideas can look like together? I came across this Camp-out First Birthday at Daisy Dreaming and WOW! You would never know this savvy party-planner had never been camping, because she nailed the details!

From the fire pit cupcakes (which look SO NEAT when combined with the flame from a birthday candle),

to the camp treats in tin pails resting on wood rounds,

and adorably clever "marshmallow ghost stories",

to the greenery and camp lanterns as table decor,

and home-made greenery arrangements,

to the rustic signs giving directions all over the party,

and "Camp Micah" favor bags,

...believe me, you owe it to yourself to check out the rest of the images and details here!

And for great invitations and party supplies, go here.

On a side note, for those who are unaware, Donna over at Party Wishes is hosting a giveaway of some of her party supplies for her absolutely fabulous Mad Hatter Tea Party! Check it out, it really is to die for! I have been eyeing the decor from this party forever, and YOU could score some of it, but you have to hurry and enter, because the giveaway ends June 27th! Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Love the campout party idea! What a fun theme for an opening party for Cub Scouts or a Girl's Camp planning event. Your blog is beautiful!

S+J=3 said...

I'm always impressed by how professional you are! Your blog is wonderful!

daisy dreaming said...

Thanks for the kind words about Micah's party! My daughter's 1st birthday, a kitty-cat theme is on Saturday...check back soon to see the details! -Kelsey

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